Week 22: Finding Opportunities to Engage – Seth Godin

My name is Davis. I am spending a year reaching out to role models. Here’s why

This week I wanted to connect with Seth Godin, the author, entrepreneur, marketer, and public speaker who changed what it means to be a marketer in the 21st century.


After a week, I was able to connect with his Special Projects Lead. One degree of separation away from Seth and with the potential to reach out and help. That’s a pretty good position to be in.

Creating Opportunities for Yourself

I’ve subscribed to Seth Godin’s blog for some time. Last week, he issued a challenge to his readers to write every day for one week.

I decided to enter the challenge and in the process was introduced to Winnie Kao, who ran the challenge.

I noticed how many posts were being submitted (over 4,500 by the time the challenge ended). Since the posts had to be manually screened and approved, it would mean Winnie would have to read and approve a post every 2 minutes (and that is not counting sleeping, eating, and all the other things that occupy our days).

I decided to figure out how I can help and since I am a college student, my most valuable resource is my time. I decided to volunteer and help Winnie read these posts and moderate the posts coming in from all over the world.

When I am looking to connect with someone, I ask myself, “what problem can I help them solve?” This mentality allows me to look for opportunities others will miss.


I didn’t get a response. I imagine Winnie is dealing with a backlog in email from all the participants as well as approving the posts.

Since there is a historic blizzard this week in the Northeast, I imagine Seth and Winnie will continue to be busy and my classes will probably be cancelled too due to the storm.

Now I have more time on my hands to help, so I decided to email again; it is okay to send a follow up email if someone hasn’t replied when what you’re offering is not selfish.


Now the waiting to help game begins again.

Since I read Seth’s blog every morning, I’ll continue to look for projects he is working on and brainstorm how I can help.

Not all connections can be made overnight, or in a week. I’m okay with that.

This Week:

This week I will be reaching out to Les Brown, a motivational speaker, former Ohio politician, and former host of The Les Brown Show.

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